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You deserve to work with a physiotherapy team that combines clinical expertise with genuine compassion. One that cares about your recovery— and will help you find relief from pain, discomfort and physical limitation.

That’s what we stand for at Fine Form Physio.


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Spotlight On Our Services


Physiotherapists treat people with aches, pains, injuries and movement problems—whether they’ve been a short term or a long term problem—and help them maintain functioning, healthy bodies. At Fine Form Physio, we provide physiotherapy treatments for people in need at every life stage—from babies, children and teens (including those on sports teams) to pregnant women, injured workers, professional sportspeople, those mid-life niggles, and senior citizens.

Renedial Massage


Hands-on therapies are an essential element of our process here at Fine Form Physio—and that includes remedial massage. Each tailored massage treatment will help clear built-up tension, remove scar tissue, relieve pain, restore free movement, and have you walking out feeling brand new! Our expert, professional therapists offer either 30, 45 or 60-minute sessions and you can use private health insurance to help cover the cost.


Making the switch from standard Pilates to clinical Pilates is the best way to strengthen your body safely. With only 4 students in every class, a balanced full-body focus each time, and a physiotherapist leading every session, we’ll make sure you’re doing every exercise with fine form, so you can recover from injury and reap the rewards of your time on the reformer.

Pilates Studio

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How do I know if Physiotherapy can help me?

At Fine Form Physio, we’re dedicated to our patients’ recovery

Selecting the best physio for your treatment is a decision that will greatly impact your experience—and your outcome. We want to ensure you feel entirely confident that you’ve selected the right treatment provider.

Having worked with over 10,000 clients, we know better than anyone how much injuries and pain can detract from your quality of life and stop you from doing the things you LOVE. We’ve also heard from clients how disheartening it is to not heal.

Whether it's your first time doing physio or your last stop on a long list of treatment providers, we’ll give you clarity about what’s wrong and what you can do to fix it and help you make a full recovery. And hopefully feel even better than before!

What sets our centre apart

  • Professional, knowledgeable therapists
  • Calming not cold and clinical—our fully-equipped centre is designed to feel like a home away from home
  • Comfortable treatment rooms
  • Hands-on treatment at every session to reduce your symptoms
  • Unlike some places, we treat you like a person, not just a patient passing through
  • Physiotherapist-led Clinical Pilates
Professional Knowledge Therapists

What else makes us different? 

We take a 360* approach to your recovery to deliver optimal, long-lasting results.

What Makes Us Different

Spotlight On Our Process




We'll listen closely as you explain your symptoms and your medical history and conduct a physical examination. You'll leave with a firm diagnosis, knowing what's wrong, what needs to happen so you can feel better, and how long it will take to recover.



Treatment Plan

Next, we'll create a personalised treatment plan to address your symptoms and condition. Most initial treatment plans last 3-5 weeks and feature one in-clinic session a week—including hands-on treatments such as taping and remedial massage, and physical exercises for rehabilitation.



Rehab, Performance & Prevention

Finally, we’ll work to correct any imbalances in your body that could cause a flare up of your symptoms post-treatment — through targeted rehab exercises or clinical Pilates. This step will help you prevent complications or recurrence in the future.

* No, we never encourage you to get treatments for longer than you need. In fact, you might be surprised at how quickly you feel better with the right treatment.

What Our Clients Say

I went to see Ken due to sciatica from a buldging disc. After only a few sessions I started to see an improvement in my pain and eventually have had significant relief and am now pain free and full movement. Would definitely recommend Ken and the team! Thank you Fine Form Physiotherapy.
MF Complete Carpentry
MF Complete Carpentry
I have to share my 5 star service today after I had my 2nd appointment with Hayley this afternoon. Extremely professional and I can feel an improvement (with the exercises prescribed) after even one week. She is thorough and firm providing advice for a full recovery plan. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Regards, Julie
Julie Castorina
Julie Castorina
Ken and his team are amazing. I was first referred to Ken by my good friend to manage my chronic lower back pain. After a few visits, my condition improves significantly and the pain is much relieved. Thank you so much to Ken's excellent treatments, he also showed me exercises and tips to help strengthen the areas to ensure it doesn't happen again. Not only Ken is extremely knowledgeable and professional, today I attended a remedial massage session with Hayley. Hayley is kind, pleasant with excellent massage skills. Her magic fingers knew all the "right buttons" to press and massage and cleared the built up tensions. The treatment was spot on and I feel so much better after only the first visit. The team at Fine Form Physiotherapy are amazing and they help put me back into good shape. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.
Gemma Leung
Gemma Leung
I've attended this practice for massage therapy a couple of times and have had really good results for my lower back pain. Hayley M was great and I would highly recommend her and this practice.
Best physiotherapist in Sydney. Was recommended and they helped me with my chronic back pain. Highly recommend them.
Natalie Cubin
Natalie Cubin
I googled for a local physio around me as I am new to the area. Fine Form came up and had good reviews so I booked it in and saw Ken. He was super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly and my neck felt instantly better after my first treatment. He advised me some exercises to try strengthen my pain spots and I'll be going again for further treatment.
Linda Ly
Linda Ly
Came to Ken at the 3 week mark after severely tearing 6 ligaments in my ankle. 4 weeks later and my ankle is feeling stable, reduced pain and no longer need surgery. You can tell Ken really cares about his clients and will make sure you get the treatment needed!
Bella Gedeon
Bella Gedeon
I've been suffering with chronic pain in my neck & upper back since last year. I visited multiple people with minimal results. I started seeing Vincent recently & immediately felt relief! Each time I see him I feel better & better and I highly recommend him for acupuncture & remedial massage.
Sam Jammal
Sam Jammal

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