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Upgrade your workout—our Clinical Pilates Reformer Classes have been called a "gamechanger". Come to a class and see why! 

You know Pilates is good for your strength, flexibility and core…you wouldn’t be here otherwise. Perhaps it’s been recommended by your Physiotherapist, or you’ve just heard the benefits being touted and want to try it for yourself.

The problem is, you haven’t found the right Pilates studio for you.

  • You find regular reformer Pilates classes intimidating. Everyone seems to know what they’re doing, and the instructors push you hard and move fast—you worry about getting left behind or doing it wrong.
  • You’ve struggled with an injury or pain (or you’re coming back to exercise following pregnancy) and feel nervous about exercising and potentially causing further damage.
  • You’re keen to strengthen your body safely and learn how to perform reformer Pilates exercises with fine form under the expert eye of a Physiotherapist.

If any of that resonates? You’re in the perfect place.

Pilates Fineform


Our Pilates classes are run by highly-trained Pilates Instructors and Physiotherapists inside a fully-equipped Pilates studio at our Gladesville Physio clinic. We use a combination of equipment (Reformer, Jump Boards, Rings, etc.).

When you choose Fine Form Physiotherapy classes, you will receive a highly tailored Pilates practice and specialised clinical attention to achieve your health/fitness/recovery goals.

You’ll leave feeling proud of your progress and better in your body—and your ability to move it! (We know you can lose confidence as you age or after an injury…our clinical reformer classes help you regain it.)

What Makes Us Different? 

Small Group
Very Small Group

We have a maximum of 4 students per class—whereas most standard studio classes are 15 people. That means you’ll get more personalised attention in class. Plus, it’s a lot more social and a lot less intimidating.

Physio Led

So you'll receive expert feedback on your technique to keep your body safe and strong; careful form corrections; and personalised exercises/modifications for your body and any injuries you’re working with.

Full Body Rehab

Our classes are rehab-driven, and focused on building core strength, mobility, balance, flexibility, coordination, body confidence, injury prevention (strengthening often-weak muscle groups).

Our classes are safe for everyone.

Including pregnant women, new mums and people with significant injuries or recovering from surgery. And those of all ages and abilities. Whether it’s your first time practising or you’re a seasoned Pilates enthusiast—you’re welcome here—and will reap the rewards of your time on the reformer.

Our Clinical Pilates classes are perfect for you if:

  • You’re based in Gladesville, Ryde, Boronia Park, Hunter’s Hill, Putney or Drummoyne. (It’s close enough for you to come along consistently)
  • You’re recovering from injury and want a safe exercise routine to support your physiotherapy treatments. We’ll make sure you get back to moving with ease, security and confidence.
  • You’re an athlete wanting to use Reformer Pilates to improve your performance. (Smart move!)
  • You’re eager to socialise and spark connection while you workout in a small-group, friendly environment.
  • You want to learn the foundations of reformer Pilates and do them well. We believe in helping our clients master the basics and progressing them slowly, surely and safely.
Clinical Reformer Pilates

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Take advantage of our free trial and experience the Clinical Pilates difference

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Take advantage of our free trial and experience the Clinical Pilates difference

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