Cancellation & Non-Attendance Policy

Our goal is to provide quality health care to all our patients in a timely manner. No-shows, late arrivals, and cancellations inconvenience not only our practitioners but our other patients as well.

Therefore, to promote continuity of care and to maximise available appointments for patients who need urgent treatment, we ask for 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend your appointment.

How to Cancel Your Appointment

If you are unable to attend the scheduled appointment time for any reason, please call us on 8068 6776 and inform our admin team as soon as possible. If you are unable to speak directly with us, please let a voicemail message. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Late Notice

If you provide us with less than 12 hours’ notice, a Late Notice Fee of $50 will be charged.


If you simply do not attend your appointment and have not provided us any notice, you will be charged the full fee of the appointment that was missed.

Compassionate exceptions may apply, however, repeat events will require full payment of your appointment before attending.