Remedial Massage Services

Remedial Massage is integrated into Fine Form’s Physiotherapy Services, but it can also be booked as a stand-alone treatment.

Are you feeling tight, tense and knotted in your shoulders, neck and back? Working out hard at the gym, pushing your body in training, and looking to keep your muscles loose between games or workout sessions? Craving some serious stress-relief and ready to treat yourself to a feel-good massage to counterbalance the strain of a busy working week? Dealing with uncomfortable medical symptoms like fluid retention and need therapeutic massage to alleviate your symptoms?

Remedial massage Hayley

Remedial Massage at Fine Form Physio is different to the basic massage you'll find at your local beauty salon—it is a highly effective, targeted hands-on treatment delivered with therapeutic techniques.

Fine Form Physiotherapy Gladesville has a team of highly-trained, experienced Remedial Massage Therapists ready to ease your aches, pains, symptoms and stressors.

Our team combines professionalism, clinical expertise with genuine compassion. When you visit us, we'll customise your remedial massage treatment to target the areas, issues and tissues most relevant to you. Whether that’s stress relief, headaches, injury prevention or rehabilitation, back pain, or something else.


  • Targeted Remedial Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Face/Jaw Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Foot Massage


We offer either 30, 45 or 60-minute sessions and you can use private health insurance to help cover the cost.  You’ll discuss any symptoms with your remedial massage therapist at the start of your session. Then each tailored-to-you treatment will help address those—and have you walking out the door feeling brand new.

Fineform Massage

What Our Clients Say

I went to see Ken due to sciatica from a buldging disc. After only a few sessions I started to see an improvement in my pain and eventually have had significant relief and am now pain free and full movement. Would definitely recommend Ken and the team! Thank you Fine Form Physiotherapy.
MF Complete Carpentry
MF Complete Carpentry
I have to share my 5 star service today after I had my 2nd appointment with Hayley this afternoon. Extremely professional and I can feel an improvement (with the exercises prescribed) after even one week. She is thorough and firm providing advice for a full recovery plan. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Regards, Julie
Julie Castorina
Julie Castorina
Ken and his team are amazing. I was first referred to Ken by my good friend to manage my chronic lower back pain. After a few visits, my condition improves significantly and the pain is much relieved. Thank you so much to Ken's excellent treatments, he also showed me exercises and tips to help strengthen the areas to ensure it doesn't happen again. Not only Ken is extremely knowledgeable and professional, today I attended a remedial massage session with Hayley. Hayley is kind, pleasant with excellent massage skills. Her magic fingers knew all the "right buttons" to press and massage and cleared the built up tensions. The treatment was spot on and I feel so much better after only the first visit. The team at Fine Form Physiotherapy are amazing and they help put me back into good shape. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.
Gemma Leung
Gemma Leung
I've attended this practice for massage therapy a couple of times and have had really good results for my lower back pain. Hayley M was great and I would highly recommend her and this practice.
Best physiotherapist in Sydney. Was recommended and they helped me with my chronic back pain. Highly recommend them.
Natalie Cubin
Natalie Cubin
I googled for a local physio around me as I am new to the area. Fine Form came up and had good reviews so I booked it in and saw Ken. He was super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly and my neck felt instantly better after my first treatment. He advised me some exercises to try strengthen my pain spots and I'll be going again for further treatment.
Linda Ly
Linda Ly
Came to Ken at the 3 week mark after severely tearing 6 ligaments in my ankle. 4 weeks later and my ankle is feeling stable, reduced pain and no longer need surgery. You can tell Ken really cares about his clients and will make sure you get the treatment needed!
Bella Gedeon
Bella Gedeon
I've been suffering with chronic pain in my neck & upper back since last year. I visited multiple people with minimal results. I started seeing Vincent recently & immediately felt relief! Each time I see him I feel better & better and I highly recommend him for acupuncture & remedial massage.
Sam Jammal
Sam Jammal

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